Links to Election Information

Know Your Local Races
Virginia Dept. of ElectionsRegister to vote. Check your registration. Find your polling place. Apply to vote absentee.
Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP)See how the new district maps will impact you.
Who’s My LegislatorFind current and future legislators and districts.
Where's My Polling LocationRedistricting in Stafford County is complete.
There are 10 new precincts in Stafford.
To locate your voting location, you can go to
and enter your physical home address to find your polling location.

Election Resources

Voter Registration

Register to vote or check your voter registration at the Virginia Department of Elections' Citizen Portal.

Absentee Voting

Learn about Absentee Voting requirements, apply to vote absentee, and view laws governing early voting.


Learn more about the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) and the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP).

Election Results

Current and past Virginia election results.

Restoration of Rights

Check the status of your civil rights and apply for the restoration of your rights.

Election and Voter FAQ

Frequently asked questions about voting, includes information on voter ID requirements.

What is my District?

The Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) offers a quick address look up on their homepage that will list your poll location and your Federal and State Districts.

Stafford District Map

Stafford County District Map provided by the Stafford County GIS Office.

Stafford Polling Locations

A list of all of the Stafford precinct names and polling locations.

Stafford Registrar

Registrar's website which includes business hours, Electoral Board minutes, and Stafford County voting resources.

Virginia Department of Elections

Your guide for information on voting in Virginia, including state laws, election results, candidate forms, and candidate finance reports.

Federal Election Commission

Your guide for information on federal elections including federal election laws, federal candidate and PAC finance reports, and federal forms.