Wittman Must Go NOW

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By Michael Spragins, Stafford County Democratic Committee Issues Committee Chair

Many Republicans are saying that we need to heal and unify after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. But, before there can be healing there needs to be an accounting. As Republicans like to say, there must be “personal responsibility” taken for this tragedy.

Representative Rob Wittman of the First Congressional District of Virginia, there are two things you can do to salvage the tattered remains of your rapidly diminishing reputation.

  1.  Tell the truth to the American people. There is no election fraud and there never was any election fraud. This was a lie concocted by Donald Trump and perpetuated by you and other enablers in order to sow division and to raise campaign funds. The actions on January 6 of several Senators and the majority of the Republican caucus, including you, to try to decertify the electoral votes of several swing states, were based on this lie and were merely a stunt. It was performance art, again designed to sow division and raise funds. You did it because you thought there would be no consequence and it would entertain your constituents. It would have no effect on the outcome of the election because more responsible representatives would not go along with it. But, there were consequences. I invite you to view the photograph of a policeman being savagely beaten on the Capitol steps by a murderous mob. This is your legacy: sedition, insurrection and death. I hope you will spend the rest of your life thinking about this man and his family. I hope you have called the families of the five persons who died to inform them that you are sorry for the deaths of their loved ones caused by an irresponsible act.
  2. The second thing that you can do is to resign your office. Because you engaged in an attempt to disenfranchise the voters of Pennsylvania based on lies known to you and because you perpetuated the lies of Donald Trump about non-existent election fraud you have violated your oath of office to the Constitution. You have encouraged sedition and insurrection which resulted in death, destruction and personal injury. You have lost the trust and confidence of the people of the First Congressional District. You are not worthy of the high office which you occupy. Your last official act can be one that actually benefits the people. Resign now and begin the healing.

This is a post by a member of the Stafford County Democratic Committee. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the Stafford County Democratic Committee, the Democratic Party of Virginia, or the Democratic Party of America.

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