Wittman’s Undemocratic Act

Image courtesy of: https://bluevirginia.us/2021/01/rep-rob-wittman-r-va01-gets-absolutely-ripped-on-his-facebook-page-for-voting-against-impeaching-trump

By Michael Spragins, Stafford County Democratic Committee Issues Committee Chair

First Congressional District Congressman Rob Wittman joined 125 other Republican members of Congress to sign an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit brought by the State of Texas. It was an attempt to overturn the results of the popular vote in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This case was brought by Texas along with 17 other Republican state Attorneys General. The suit, not based in law or fact, was doomed to be dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which occurred on Dec. 11 in a 9-0 unanimous vote.

This was a profoundly undemocratic and seditious lawsuit. The avowed purpose of the suit was to deny the lawful votes of millions of citizens in four states simply because Republicans did not agree with the result. The House Republicans, including Mr. Wittman, signed onto the amicus brief, in part, to avoid being criticized by President Trump. But, more importantly, they all agreed that the votes of millions of Americans should simply be discarded. These are the acts of persons who have relinquished all the principles and integrity that they may have once had in servitude to a cult of personality. They once claimed to be constitutionalists, but this is definitely an anti-constitutional act in support of an authoritarian mission to overthrow an election.

I deplore the action taken by Rep. Wittman. This is not the sort of act that any American politician who claims to believe in democracy and free and fair elections should take part in. Republicans who believe in the rule of law should join Democrats to denounce Rep. Wittman and show the world that we believe in the peaceful and lawful transfer of power to a duly elected president.

This is a post by a member of the Stafford County Democratic Committee. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the Stafford County Democratic Committee, the Democratic Party of Virginia, or the Democratic Party of America.

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