World View for the Future Generations

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By Richard Coleman, Stafford County Democratic Committee Member

When my children were teenagers, I made a conscious decision to deceive them. I believed that the world would be a better place if we all showed more kindness, more tolerance and more compassion. So, I did my very best to convince my children that the world was, in fact, a better place than my life experiences had shown. My hope was that if my children believed that the world was a better place, the way they conducted themselves would actually help make the world a better place. I wanted my children to recognize that the world is not perfect, and that there are cruel, intolerant, selfish people among us. But I also wanted my children to be aware that the personal character of a person is revealed by their actions and how they treat others. Your race or religion does not equal your personal character.

To a great extent, I think I was successful. My children are people who are kinder, more tolerant and more giving then I am, and they have passed their world view to my grandchildren. My grandchildren are in high school, college or are recently graduated. So, the question now is what world view is on display for my grandchildren, and what values are we going to pass on to my future great-grandchildren. Trump’s cruel, intolerant, and narcissistic policies are on display while he actively sows division based on race and religion. Come November, let’s remove Trump so the conduct of everyone can actually make the world a better place

This is a post by a member of the Stafford County Democratic Committee. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the Stafford County Democratic Committee, the Democratic Party of Virginia, or the Democratic Party of America.

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